Leaky Roof Repair

Select roof tiles had to be removed for this roof repair job in order to replace the flashing underneath which was the cause of the roof leak.

Leaking Roof & Broken Roof Tiles

This job required replacing select areas of the roof tiles that were broken or they were in the area of the roof leak.

New Flat Roof and Repair

This is a new flat roof that we installed along with some needed roof repair in South Miami. The old weather-proofing materials were scraped off leaving the roof in bare 1×6 wood planks before re-applying new roof paper and white granulated cap-sheet commonly found on flat roofs.

Concrete Tile Roof

The original home had a separated garage structure which we joined to the main structure with concrete block walls and a new roof section. Another addition and roof was built in the entrance of the home. We installed a concrete roof tile from Eagle Supply with polyfoam throughout the entire multi-pitch roof.